Visit to Morocco, November-December 2017

The project participants from Finland, Ukraine, and Morocco visit the central office of the CNRST of Morocco (Rabat)

Guests from Finland and Ukraine visit Cancer Research Institute (IRC, Fés)

Meeting with representatives of the IRC, several Moroccan universities, and VAHVISTUS project participants at the IRC, Fés

Visit to medina (historical part) of Fés organised for foreign guests by Professors M.Lachkar (USMBA, Fés, 3rd from the left) and S. El Kazzouli (UEMF, Fés, he was taking a photo).

Head of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Helsinki Professor Heikki Tenhu (in the middle) and project participants visit the UEMF (Fés), guided by Professor Saïd El Kazzouli (right).

at the 3-D printing facility of the UEMF.

Professor Heikki Tenhu prepares for his lecture ”Polymeric hybrid nanomaterials” at the UEMF.

At the Embassy of Finland in Morocco.

Discussion with H.E. Anne Vasara, the Ambassador of Finland to Morocco.